Being a Clean Sheet Employer simply means that when you have a vacancy for a volunteer, trainee or employee, you will actively consider an application from a Clean Sheet member, assessing their suitability for the role equally with other candidates.

This is the third step on our 3-step pathway from prison to employment.

Within the Clean Sheet Employers Directory, your chosen contact details will be made available to Clean Sheet members thorough a secure log in. They will know that, if you have a vacancy, they can disclose their criminal record in the confidence that it will not automatically exclude them from the recruitment process.

Look beyond the stereotype and you could find a loyal, hard-working and fully engaged employee, who is just right for your organisation.

There is growing evidence to support a sound business case for implementing a recruitment policy that includes people with convictions. For in-depth analysis please download our Employer Guide here.

There are a number of benefits to becoming a Clean Sheet employer. Please download our Employer Guide here.

Everything you need to know about employing people with convictions safely and fairly – A Guide from NACRO and the CIPD HERE

Recruit! is a website that supports UK employers to recruit people with convictions and helps them to deal with criminal records fairly.

Download our Employer’s leaflet here

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From Prison to Employment


Ways to Work

Offered in some prisons before release, this interactive session recognises achievement, encourages aspiration and ignites hope for a different and better future.

Membership Module

The Clean Sheet Membership Module is a multiple-choice quiz to find out whether you’re ready for work. It covers day-to-day working life, what an employer expects and what an employee can offer.

Employers' Directory

Clean Sheet Employers will actively consider Clean Sheet Members for work, training or even volunteering, within normal legal & licence restrictions