Frequently Asked Questions

Members Section

How do I become an individual Clean Sheet member?

A Clean Sheet Member is a person with convictions on their record who has shown their commitment to working by completing our Membership Module either in prison or online.

The Membership module can be accessed here:


Where do I find vacancies I can apply for?

Members have exclusive access to our Employers Directory where they will find links to our employers’ recruitment pages. The Employers directory can be found here:



I am having difficulties with the website.

The guide for setting up an email is HERE and for help using our Employers Directory click HERE

If you are still experiencing difficulties accessing parts of the website you can send us an email:


Am I guaranteed a job if I become a Clean Sheet member?

We will support you in applying for jobs and help you in the process of securing work. You will apply for any vacancies our employers may have for placements, training or employment through their usual selection process.


As a Clean Sheet member, will I still have to disclose my criminal record?

YES. You will still need to disclose any unspent convictions, if asked, but this will not exclude you from the selection process. Any roles that qualify for an enhanced DBS check will still require your full cooperation. For more help and guidance phone the Unlock Helpline. Call: 01634 247350 (Press 1) – Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Text: 07824 113848 Email:


How will the Employers Directory help me?

A Clean Sheet employer will actively consider people with convictions should a vacancy arise. People with convictions can disclose their criminal record in the knowledge that this will not automatically exclude them from the selection process. Employers will review job applications on merit, testing for relevant skills and experience.

Employers Section

Why should I become a Clean Sheet Employer?

Growing evidence suggests that there is a strong financial and moral business case for including people with convictions in your recruitment process. Corporate and Social Responsibility are demonstrated in an employer who will look beyond a stereotype and see a potentially loyal and hardworking employee.

We provide a secure web portal to Clean Sheet members only with links to employers’ recruitment or vacancies pages. We are happy to speak to our employers on behalf of our members if invited to do so.


How do I become a Clean Sheet Employer?

You can become one of our employers by contacting us or you can all us on 0300 123 3045


How do I know a Clean Sheet member will be a reliable employee?

You won’t necessarily know and you should apply your usual robust selection process. Your only commitment is not to exclude people with convictions from applying. A healthy mature conversation about any unspent convictions will enhance your decision making in the latter stages of selection.

Supporters Section

How can I support Clean Sheet?

You can join our Chainbreakers. You can make a one-off or regular donation here.


How is Clean Sheet funded?

Clean Sheet is totally independent. We rely on the generosity of our Chainbreakers – individual supporters and Grant Making Bodies – see our partners here.


How can my Church get involved?

There are several opportunities for Christian communities with a heart and a calling to reach out to people with convictions. You can provide volunteers to be trained to lead Ways to Work© in a local prison or as a community workshop. You can nominate someone to be a Clean Sheet Employer Ambassador, introducing local businesses to the Clean Sheet model. More information can be found here:

From Prison to Employment


Ways to Work

Offered in some prisons before release, this interactive session recognises achievement, encourages aspiration and ignites hope for a different and better future.

Membership Module

The Clean Sheet Membership Module is a multiple-choice quiz to find out whether you’re ready for work. It covers day-to-day working life, what an employer expects and what an employee can offer.

Employers' Directory

Clean Sheet Employers will actively consider Clean Sheet Members for work, training or even volunteering, within normal legal & licence restrictions