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Clean Sheet has been working in prison since February 2011, delivering a simple and effective pre-release employability session called Ways to Work©

Working within Resettlement departments and led by trained volunteers from local churches, Ways to Work© is interactive and fast-moving.

If you would like to offer Clean Sheet in your prison, please get in touch by completing the enquiry form here or sending us an Email to:

From Prison to Employment


Ways to Work

Offered in some prisons before release, this interactive session recognises achievement, encourages aspiration and ignites hope for a different and better future.

Membership Module

The Clean Sheet Membership Module is a multiple-choice quiz to find out whether you’re ready for work. It covers day-to-day working life, what an employer expects and what an employee can offer.

Employers' Directory

Clean Sheet Employers will actively consider Clean Sheet Members for work, training or even volunteering, within normal legal & licence restrictions