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“More than just a job” – Clean Sheet COO Speaks at CCF Event

It was a privilege have our COO, Sam Graham, invited to speak at this year’s Prayers For The Nation Event on the 21st January 2020.

Held in St Mary’s Chapel in the Houses of Parliament, this event was arranged by the Conservative Christian Fellowship – an organisation who seek to build relationships between the Christian world and politics. They run an impact course for aspiring politicians who want to know how that can play out within the political sphere, and aim to be ‘salt and light’ in British politics. There were around 80 people in attendance, mostly Conservative Christian Fellowship members.

The theme of Sam’s talk was ‘more than just a job’, and she shared the story of Clean Sheet. Sam described the beginnings of the charity, when founder Jane Gould was struck by the significance of Jesus giving us all second chances and the opportunity for a ‘clean sheet’. She then told Alok’s story – a Clean Sheet Member who shared his testimony for the guests of our House of Lords annual celebration last year. Finally, Sam laid down the facts and achievements of Clean Sheet’s work, namely the 345 people supported into secure work last year which saved over £14 million in public funding.

Sam encouraged the attendees to go back to their employers and ask them whether they have an automatic ban on recruiting ex-offenders and, if so, to challenge them on this.

It was a great opportunity for Clean Sheet to share about how employment is so much more than just a job for people with criminal convictions, and to re-frame the way people think about ex-offenders. Employment is a lifeline for those trying to build a new life, and challenging stigma and misconceptions is everyone’s responsibility if we want to see social change.

If you would like someone from Clean Sheet to come and do a talk for your organisation, company, or group, you can get in touch with us at

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