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How can I support Clean Sheet?
There are many ways that you can help our Members. One of the simplest ways is by donating a one off gift or setting up a regular payment. Find out more about that by clicking HERE.

How else can I help?
Why not do a fundraising event? You could do a coffee morning, a music night, or organise one of our Game Changer gaming marathon.






Why should I become a Clean Sheet Employer?

Growing evidence suggests that there is a strong financial and moral business case for including former prisoners in your recruitment process. An employer who looks beyond a stereotype and sees a potentially loyal and hardworking employee, demonstrates Corporate and Social Responsibility. We provide a secure web portal with links to employers’ recruitment or vacancies pages. Only our assessed and work-ready Clean Sheet Members use this portal. We are of course happy to speak to employers on our members behalf when it’s appropriate.

How do I become a Clean Sheet Employer?
You can become one of our employers by contacting us or call 0300 123 3045

How do I know a Clean Sheet member will be a reliable employee?
You won’t necessarily know and you should apply your usual robust selection parameters. Your only commitment is not to exclude people with convictions from the recruitment process. A healthy, mature conversation about any unspent convictions will enhance your eventual decision-making.



How can I support Clean Sheet?
Details on how you can donate are here.

How is Clean Sheet funded?

Clean Sheet is part of the Langley House Trust Group. We rely on annual fees from our Prison and Agency Partners, donations from our Employers plus the generosity of our individual supporters and Grant Making trusts and other bodies.

How can my Church or Community Group get involved?

There are always opportunities for community groups with a heart and a calling to reach out to prisoners and ex-offenders by supporting Clean Sheet. You could nominate someone to be a Clean Sheet Employer Champion, introducing local businesses to the Clean Sheet model. Perhaps you could organise a fundraising event? Mentor one of our members? Or sponsor us in some way? Whatever you do, you can be sure that your efforts and gifts will go straight to support our members into real, sustainable work.

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We are part of the Langley House Trust Group


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