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I’m Free #workinprogress

We are working on breaking down the stigma and common misconceptions surrounding those with criminal convictions. Our campaign Work In Progress seeks to highlight the importance of sustainable employment for people seeking to re-integrate into society after serving time in prison or receiving a suspended sentence.

We contacted our Members who have found work and asked them to share what being in employment means to them and this was the first response we received – a poem.

When I left prison 

I didn’t know which way to turn

To get into work I was expected to learn

I’m over 50 my schooling is done

I wanted to cry, I wanted to run.


Clean sheet was there

A voice in the distance

Made me realise I had an existence

Regular contact from people not robots

They really helped me, they helped me a lot.


Now I’m in work my life is OK

I still have scars of my prison stay

Without Clean Sheet I don’t know where I would be

With their help, I am working

I’m Free.

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