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Member Story - David
Interviewed by Hannah, Marketing & Engagement Manager

David* was brought up in a working class family. After leaving school, he worked in a number of roles, each one improving on the other as his experience and skills developed. He finally ended up in a
senior management position at a local hospital.

All was going well until he experienced an incredibly difficult divorce. This impact on his life was devastating, leaving him in a very bad place and finding himself on the wrong side of the law. He was arrested and following an investigation went to trial. A guilty verdict resulted in an unexpected
prison sentence.

David felt that he had finally hit rock bottom. He describes his first day in prison as terrifying,

‘Just the worst day of my life, I couldn’t think beyond each day, just getting through. I just kept my head down and kept myself to myself, it was an emotional roller coaster’.

After serving just 8 weeks in prison David’s sentence was reduced on appeal and he was immediately released, hopeful of picking up life where he had left it. However, he had lost his previous job soon after his arrest. Finding work now that he had a conviction was extremely difficult. Having local media coverage about his arrest and conviction only served to make the situation even worse.

Soon after his release David made contact with Clean Sheet. We were able to work with David at the start of his journey back to employment, giving him support, advice and guidance on a regular basis.

‘Knowing there was somebody who cared about me, who was supporting me whilst I was struggling was just as important. Job opportunities for people like me with a conviction is hard enough – Covid-19 has made it even more difficult. Knowing that you are there has given me the strength after each knockback to keep going.’

David was on the verge of losing his home, he couldn’t even afford to eat, yet 18 months on and with the support of Clean Sheet, David is now working for himself. Some additional training and the re-application of his skills gained from his previous profession have enabled him to start his own business which is now providing for his everyday needs.

David reflects,

‘I had never been in trouble and then suddenly finding myself going to prison it felt like my whole world had collapsed around me. Clean Sheet helped me find my way again in life. They listened when I was having a bad day, they gave advice as I sought employment and they cared enough to help me keep going’.

Covid-19 has added immense uncertainty for us all this year – it has added significantly to the anxiety that people face when they leave prison. David’s story is like so many others that Clean Sheet works with, where uncertainty is transformed to hope.

Isn’t it amazing that just over £400 is all that it costs to give enough support to help them on their way to living a life crime-free and full of hope for a better future?

*name changed to protect identity

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