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Clean Sheet speak at the Nottingham Citizens Annual Accountability Assembly

10th May 2018

The Nottingham Citizens annual accountability assembly took place at the Albert Hall on Thursday 10 May from 6pm.

Around 800 people drawn from Nottingham Citizens’ 37 constituent institutions gathered as proposals for tackling issues such as hate crime, homelessness and modern slavery and improving mental health and social care provision are presented to officials from public authorities in the city and county with a view to seeking their commitment to support the Citizens alliance to transform the ideas into life-changing action.

The event reflected on achievements in the areas of work previously identified as priorities and celebrated the valuable contributions to the work by politicians and other decision-makers.

Clean Sheet were invited to speak about the vision for Nottingham to become a ‘Clean Sheet City’, where everyone who is work-ready is afforded opportunities to apply for work, regardless of prior convictions. 


Richard Rowley, Employment Development Manager for Clean Sheet said:
‘It was humbling to hear about some of the incredible work happening right now in the city of Nottingham. Public officials together with the local community really want to create a better Nottingham and this is something Clean Sheet are keen to support. We want local businesses to join us as Clean Sheet Employers and to proactively consider applications from people with convictions, to look beyond the stereotype and focus on their skills and suitability for the roles.”

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