Recycling Lives launch ‘Social Value’ report

We’re very proud to support the launch of the Recycling Lives Social Value Report.

An excellent insight into the impact they are having on the sector. 

“We’re rehabilitating offenders, supporting the homeless and redistributing food through our charitable programmes. In doing so, we create social value – which is savings to taxpayer and communities – as well as environmental and financial value from our work. 

Delivering these programmes, we create savings to the taxpayer and communities by reducing reoffending, reducing welfare dependency and reducing costs for charities and community groups. 

We’re committed to creating social value equal to, or greater than, 10% of annual sales – in 2017/18 we exceeded this target once again, creating £8m social value* against sales of more than £70m.

This is on top of the £5.2m social value we created in 2016/17 and £4.1m in 2015/16.”

Alasdair Jackson, Chief Executive of Recycling Lives Charity & Social Enterprise said: 

“At Recycling Lives we’re all about giving opportunities and helping people through our programmes. To create those happy endings. Most importantly, we will not lose sight of putting people first; giving opportunities that allow them to help themselves.”

Download the Recycling Lives Social Value Report HERE

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